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Trust Mel-Kay for Safe Work Practices

Good safety practices have a high priority at Mel-Kay. Using the practices set forth in the OSHA 1910 Standards for General Industry and the OSHA Standards 1926 for Construction, Mel-Kay implements its company rules and regulations accordingly. Over 90% of our electricians have completed the 10 hour OSHA safety class. Tool Box talks are held every Monday morning on all job sites, so that safety practices can be reviewed. These talks also provide an opportunity to discuss safety issues that may be unique to a particular jobsite.

Mel-Kay adheres to the drug program which has been established co-operatively between the IBEW and NECA contractors. There is zero tolerance for any illegal drug or alcohol usage. Any employee who enters a jobsite, whether it is a truck driver, electrician, or project manager, is tested annually and can be randomly selected for testing throughout the year. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on a jobsite is cause for immediate dismissal.

Mel-Kay follows the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E guidelines for arc flash. Recognizing the seriousness of potential injury due to high voltage exposures, We provide the proper personal protective equipment for our electricians. Mel-Kay Electric Company is a member of NFPA.
A Mel-kay Safety Meeting

A Mel-Kay Employee using a scissor lift
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